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Blank book, exactly like its name suggests; an empty, naked, all white book. Stripped down with exposed artisanal bookbinding and 152 heavy pages for you to fill in.

A fresh, new sketchbook with blank pages. A white, unprinted t-shirt. An unoccupied house without any furniture. A clean canvas. A book without a cover. Clean faces without make up. An abandoned construction site. A flickering cursor on a white computer screen. A bowl of noodles without the toppings. Can you imagine the possibilities?

Nothingness, void, a lack of, absence has always been a great source of inspiration and the start of many new ideas while not contaminating the individual’s view with things that are already there. Capturing this feeling of endless possibility, the Blank Book is the ultimate clean slate for your drawings, thoughts and ideas to grow in ( or a coffee table object when left completely blank).


 / A5 format

/ 170 gram paper

/ Made in The Netherlands

/ There are slight variations in the binding, these are characteristics of its artisanal handmade nature. 



If you have any questions at all about this item, send us an email support@love-aesthetics.nl or DM us on Instagram, we are happy to help!

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