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Aetelier is a lifestyle brand based in The Netherlands focussing on everyday objects and wearables that are simple, contemporary and (multi) functional.


Aetelier is short for Love Aesthetics Atelier. A Continuation of the renowned website Love Aesthetics founded by Ivania Carpio, the atelier is where ideas can grow and take physical form. The distinct visual language that Ivania has developed through Love Aesthetics plus her appreciation for (multi-) functionality resulted in an understated yet luxe range of products for everyday life.


An ‘under construction’ and ‘work in progress’ element is signature in Aetelier’s aesthetic, referencing to the concept of creative workspaces, where experiments take place, new things are built, ideas are born and where there is a feeling of freedom and endless possibility. Examples include the seemingly unfinished notebook with exposed bookbinding, the hardware-store clasps on the shapeshifting dress or the paint-splattered concrete atelier floor printed in life-size on the soft blanket.